About RestauranteMR1

Welcome to my new website restaurantemr1.com

You might be thinking this is some kind of restaurant review blog right? I don’t blame you if that’s what you think but you’d be wrong. This is actually a personal blog to detail my online projects and showcase what I am doing with my online businesses.

I’ve worked in restaurants all my life and now I’m venturing into a new world of digital business. The name restaurantemr1 was a username I created a while back for some other online profiles and since I want to remain anonymous I figured why bother registering a random domain name when I could simply pick my online username that I’ve used for so many other websites. The truth is I’m still working part-time in a restaurant so I can’t really have my real name out there (yet).

Let me detail my current online projects that I’ve got going on, and then I’ll share updates about them via blog posts.

Social Media Marketing

I’ve been following Tai Lopez on YouTube and other social media channels for a while and to be honest at first I thought the guy was some self help scam artist (sorry Tai) but after reading virtually every review of Tai Lopez on Google that I could find I decided to bite the bullet and join his social media marketing agency program. This particular program helps you to learn how to grow a business offering social media marketing services.

If you can help businesses get more clients then they will pay you for that. I’m personally going to be targeting industries that have clients worth a lot of money such as dentists and other similar roles. I’ve already got a couple of clients landed so I am hoping to add more clients in. On average I am looking to earn $1000 to $5000 per month from each client but I’m currently on the lower end of that at the moment. I know $10k per month is right around the corner though which is the first target.

Tai actually has some students doing far more than this, and I believe his top student in this program is doing $100k+ a month which is incredible.



Cryptocurrency Trading

It’s hard to ignore the world of cryptocurrency which is what I’ve got involved. I’m trying not to actually dive into coins without doing due diligence and I am trying to pick good entry points that I know will increase in value. I’ve been following a guy on YouTube called the NodeInvestor. If you’re at all interested in getting involved with cryptocurrency then he’s a good person to learn from and has a lot of free videos.

I actually bought his course which was only $40 as a way to learn proper trading setups.


If I can give you some tips based on my own experience; trade the daily charts. Anything less is good for seeing what is happening at any given time, but if you want to see the overall picture and look of a coin then you want to anaylze the daily chart patterns as they are the most reliable patterns for sure.

I’ve invested a couple of $1,000 into cryptocurrency that I am trading with and hope to invest more and grow more too. If the social media marketing clients start to pile up then I will certainly be investing more into this.

Finally a top tip I can give you is to useĀ https://coinmarketcap.com to find the top coins and try to only trade the top 20-30 coins because ultimately these have the most volume and will be the most stable. I would only look at newer coins with less volume if you are trying to accumulate more of that coin before it booms but trading these kind of ones on a daily basis will be harder in my experience.

Web Design

I dabbled in web design a few years ago. I took an online course and basically taught myself how to build websites. I’ve taken on a few clients in the past however it never really amounted to anything and I never made much from it however going forward I am going to be adding web design as an additional service with my social media agency. Since many businesses have terrible websites I might as well offer design services too. So if I can get a client on board for a social media plan I will also try and up-sell them into a design package so that I can create a better website for them.

I find that web design is a double edged sword because on 1 hand basic website designs are a lot more attractive now than they were a few years ago thanks to tools like WordPress.com and others. However that being said there are way more businesses online now so it’s important to have good looking designs to stand out from the crowd. Speaking of designs you may have realised that this blog doesn’t exactly look all that great. Well to tell you the truth I don’t really care, this is a personal blog to detail my journey as a business person and I’m not going to waste time on the design here when I could spend that time on client work.

That being said, maybe I will update it in the future, who knows. Stay tune for more updates!